Solar Powered Vehicles.

Inventions for solar-powered vehicles by Anthony Ratkov.

The invention shown below is an invention for a solar-powered car. The car has a battery module that is stored inside the car, this battery module provides electric power for the vehicle's drive system. When the battery needs to be recharged, the entire battery module leaves the car, so it can recharge itself with solar energy. The battery module has wheels, with electric motors to drive these wheels, so the battery module can drive around under its own power. After it drives a short distance away from the car, it stops and parks itself, then it unfolds it solar-cell panels. It remains parked like this for several hours, while the sun shines on its solar panels. The sunlight shining on its solar-cell panels is converted into electricity which is stored in the battery module. After the battery module has been fully charged, the solar-cell panels fold up, and the battery module drives back to the car and it drives up the ramp, to position itself inside the car. After it has been positioned inside the car, the ramp closes and the battery module plugs itself into the car's electrical system so it can provide power to the car's drive motors. An electric car may have at least one of these battery modules in it, some electric cars may have several.

Augmentation of solar cells.

There are various ways to augment the power of solar cells on a vehicle, for example, a fresnel lens may be used to focus sunlight on the lens, augmenting its power.