Inventions for Aircraft by Anthony Ratkov.

Variable-Geometry Aircraft

Below there are illustrations of inventions for variable-geometry aircraft.

Vectored-Thrust Aircraft.

Vectored-Thrust aircraft are aircraft that are steered by thrust vectoring. Inventions for vectored-thrust aircraft are presented in the  illustrations below.


Inventions for helicopters by Anthony Ratkov.

Delta-Wing Aircraft.

In terms of my own inventions, the name 'delta-wing' means any aircraft design with a wing that is generally triangular in shape, but in some respects my own definition of a 'delta-wing' is somewhat different from a conventional delta-wing design  As you can see in the illustrations below, the wing may have a large triangular hole in it, the portions of the wing that are located forwards of the hole are referred to as canard surfaces, or canards.

A slightly different version of this delta-wing design is shown in the illustrations below. In this design, the aircraft has hole in it, the portion of the aircraft forward of the hole is called the fuselage, the portions of the aircraft to the rear of the hole are referred to as wings. The aircraft basically has a triangular outline with a rectangular hole in the middle.

Other Aircraft Inventions.

Other aircraft inventions by Anthony Ratkov.

Some of the illustrations on the upper part of this page show variable-geometry aircraft and vectored-thrust aircraft, the illustrations below show aircraft inventions that combine these two features in the same design (aircraft that have variable-geometry wings and are steered by vectored thrust).