Aircraft Engines.

Aircraft engines invented by Anthony Ratkov.

Afterburning Turboprops.

The conventional installation of an afterburner involves pairing the afterburner with a jet engine. In this invention, the afterburner is connected to a turboprop engine. 

Collective Afterburners.

An afterburning combustion chamber, usually called an 'afterburner', is usually installed on the exhaust duct of a jet engine. In this invention, a duct is used to channel air and exhaust  flow from two or more engines to a single afterburner. As many as four engines can pump air or exhaust into the same afterburner. 

Additional Turboprop Inventions.

V.T.O.L. Engines.
Engines for V.T.O.L. (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft.

Jet Engines.

Inventions for new types of jet engines.