Miscellaneous Drawings.

Miscellaneous Drawings by Anthony Ratkov.

Heart-Shaped Fractal

I am presenting what I believe is a new and completely different type of fractal, I call it the Heart-Shaped Fractal. I've looked at fractals in books and on websites, and I have not seen that this type has been done by anyone else, so I believe this type is new and unique. The basic form of this fractal is shown in the illustration below. This illustration was made on February 26, 2023.

In the illustration above, I began with a drawing of a heart shape. In the above illustration, this heart shape is called iteration zero. Then, I drew an inverted heart inside the original heart, this is called iteration one. In iteration two, an additional, smaller heart has been drawn inside the first two hearts. It would be possible to go on forever drawing smaller and smaller hearts.

In the illustration above, additional iterations are shown.