Inventions related to COVID-19, by Anthony Ratkov.

Contact Shield For Forklift Drivers.

This invention is for a contact shield that can be used by forklift drivers, to help protect  them from COVID-19 or other contagious diseases. COVID-19 is often spread by 'droplets', these tiny, invisible drops of water vapor are exhaled by a person, and if the droplets contain the COVID-19 virus, the disease can be spread from person to person through the droplets. This invention is a shield made of a transparent material such as transparent plastic or transparent glass, the shield  can be used to form a barrier between a forklift driver and another employee who is talking to the forklift driver. The shield allows the two employees to talk to each other while providing a barrier that would stop the spread of most droplets. The shield would be mounted on wheels so it can be moved around and placed anywhere in a factory or warehouse. The illustrations below (made on September 10, 2021) show the contact shield.     

The illustration above shows a  forklift that has stopped, so the forklift driver can talk to another employee. This is a typical situation where virus-spreading droplets can be spread from one person to another.

The illustration above shows the forklift driver stopped, so he can talk to another employee, and  the illustration also shows how the contact shield has been placed in between the forklift driver and the other employee.

The illustration above shows the contact shield. Note that it is mounted on wheels so it can be moved around. Illustrations by Anthony Ratkov, September 10, 2021.